The purpose of this website: helping you learn to play the piano.  Building a strong foundation of piano-playing skills will lead to a lifetime of piano-playing joy.

Beginner Piano Lessons

This beginner piano lessons page is designed to give you some ideas on how to get started on your piano journey. Essentially, I want you to see how you can begin structuring your practice time in order to get the best possible start as you learn to play the piano. You need a path to follow that will head you in a solid and productive direction.

The items listed here for you to do, along with the links to video tutorials, will hopefully begin the process of getting you familiar with your piano and developing some piano technique.  At the very beginning of the piano journey, you just need to get your hands on the piano and start getting to know the lay of the keys and how your fingers fit and move on them.  

At first you do not need a ton of music theory.  You don't need to worry yet about reading music, or learning great piano pieces.  (Don't be anxious, though... these things will come, as long as you stick with it!).  What you need is basic, simple, hands-on (literally) physical interaction with the instrument.  

So, your "beginner piano lessons" will get you started in two areas of piano study that require absolutely no previous music knowledge or experience: "Tunes" & "Exercises" (exercises will lead pretty quickly to Scales & Chords, etc... which, you will be pleased to find, are the things that your understanding of music and music theory will be built upon.)

The path you find here should keep any beginner busy for a few months.  If you can, try to stick with the order in which I present things. There is a progression of learning in both areas, though the "Tunes" can be mixed up more, once you get past the first three.  The "Exercises" are definitely more helpful if you follow the order.

Think of it as parallel tracks on the same path. And of course, you can stay with each item as long or as short as you need.  Also, you can go back and review at any time.

Helpful hint: start with an overall view of the journey

As you look for beginner piano lessons, you could really use an introduction to your piano journey that would give you a "bird's eye view" of all that you are about to do.  Going into the endeavor with solid view of all the areas you need to cover and all the elements of piano playing that you will need to develop will help tremendously.  Having a perspective that gives you a notion of the entire journey ahead will help guide you, giving you both motivation and purpose. You should not ever feel like you are just wandering in the wilderness.  

What I'm saying is... it would be very helpful for you to read the ebook "Piano Player... You".  I wrote the book to give you what I think is the best possible understanding of what it your piano journey entails.  The book allows me to tell you all the reasons and motivations for all the things I'm giving you to do on this website.

For a more complete understanding of how to build your piano-playing foundation,  read

"Piano Player... You".

For the most direct, organized, and progressive path to learning to play the piano, start

the Piano Skills Foundation series of piano lessons.


Getting Started: Sitting position, hand position, etc.

I could easily take several pages to write about this, but since a picture is worth a thousand words (and video is even better), just watch the video:

Beginner piano lessons: Get your hands on the keys

Now, an exercise to get your hands going...

And you will need...


Now, a good "Tune" or 2

I know they are simple and "kiddie", but they will get you playing (and that's all we want right now):

Now, let's link up to the path for both

To continue with learning more exercises: Piano Exercises For Beginners

To continue with learning more "tunes": Free Piano Lessons

Understanding Piano from the teacher's perspective

Along with "Piano Player... You", you can also find an interesting perspective on the piano journey at Wikipedia's page on Piano Pedagogy.

If you want to see a blueprint for a successful piano journey...
"Piano Player... You"

A guide to building a solid and complete piano-playing foundation.

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If you would like a step-by-step guide to help you on your piano journey...

start working through

"The Piano Skills Foundation" piano lessons

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Looking for some piano music?

I have found Sheet Music Plus to be a fantastic resource for piano books & other materials.  And they have instant digital downloads for thousands of individual pieces.

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