The purpose of this website: helping you learn to play the piano.  Building a strong foundation of piano-playing skills will lead to a lifetime of piano-playing joy.

Piano Music For Beginners

Finding piano music for beginners is not too difficult.  The hard part is figuring out how to approach it, as a beginner.  Here I have listed some familiar tunes for you to get started on, and I'd like to share with you how you can approach them in ways that will add to your foundation of piano-playing skills.

The first approach for the beginner is simply to learn a tune "by rote".  You do this naturally by just watching and listening to the tunes.  If you do this, you will get the most out of it if you pay close attention the fingerings being used.

Another approach would be to use the "tab" (short for "tablature") provided for the tune.  By learning a tune through reading the note names and finding them on the keys, you will be familiarizing yourself with the keyboard and the names of the notes on the keys... all good things for the new pianist.  Once again, focus on the fingerings will also help.  By learning the notes and the fingerings this way, you are developing two of the most fundamental building blocks of your piano-playing foundation.

A third approach to piano music for beginners would be to actually read the music notation.  This probably is not the best for the brand new beginner, because you may not quite understand how it works, yet.  However, if you have a fair amount of patience, learning a tune while reading the music may just help your understanding of how music notation works. Obviously, this would be good for any pianist who is serious about growing their abilities.  

If you decide to learn the tune using the music, work just one phrase (usually 4 bars) at a time.  Actually, no matter which approach you take (and you could do a combination of all of them, if you want to), you should learn one phrase (a musical sentence) at a time.  Learn the right hand and left hand, separately.  Then, play them together slowly.

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A Progression of Tunes: Piano Music For Beginners

The following list of tunes would all be considered piano music for beginners.  They are listed an an order that would take you from easier to harder, but they are all within the reach of a beginner at the piano.  

When you click on a tune, you will be taken to the webpage for that tune, which will include the video tutorial, the tab, and the music notation.

Lesson 3: Mary Had A Little Lamb in C, F, & G 

Lesson 4: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in C, F, & G 

Lesson 5: When The Saints Go Marching In in C,F, & G 

Lesson 6: You Are My Sunshine in C,F, & G 

Lesson 7: Down In The Valley in C,F, & G 

Lesson 8: Frere Jacques in C,F, & G 

Lesson 9: Alouette in C,F, & G 

Lesson 10: Yankee Doodle in C,F, & G 

Lesson 11: The Water Is Wide in C,F, & G 

Lesson 12: Brahms Lullaby in C,F, & G 

Lesson 13: Home On The Range in C,F, & G 

Lesson 14: Danny Boy in C,F, & G 

Lesson 15: Amazing Grace in C,F, & G 

Lesson 16: Simple Gifts in C,F, & G 

Lesson 17: America the Beautiful in C,F, & G 

Lesson 18: The Star Spangled Banner in C,F, & G 

Lesson 19: Greensleeves in A-minor, D-minor, & E-minor

Mid-elementary level Piano Pieces

If you want to some piano pieces which are a bit harder, you can try these:

Minuet In G (Bach)

The Chicken Dance

Carol Of The Bells

More quality beginning-level piano music:

Here are a couple of really good books you may want to consider, as you begin to build your piano-playing foundation:

Just Imagine, Book 1 (by Martha Mier)

Just Imagine, Book 2 (by Martha Mier)

Jazz, Rags, and Blues, Book 1 (By Martha Mier)

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Looking for some piano music?

I have found Sheet Music Plus to be a fantastic resource for piano books & other materials.  And they have instant digital downloads for thousands of individual pieces.

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