A-flat Piano Chords

A-flat piano chords is a listing of the most common piano chords with the root note A-flat. Use these chord images to learn the chords and the fingerings.

Learn the A-flat chords and you will find yourself more comfortable with any music containing notes, chords, and arpeggios in the key of A-flat, or related keys.

Once you have the A-flat chords learned, see if you can play arpeggios and inversions, figuring out the feel and the fingerings which work best. First, try hands-separately, and then hands together.

To improve your piano skills and increase your knowledge, learn the shape of each chord as a picture, or image, in your mind, but also as a physical shape under your fingers.

Once you are familiar with all these chords, apply the same concept to the other eleven notes as roots of chords, getting to know every chord with every root.

With all of these piano chords, shapes and images are the key to developing mastery. Once you know all of the shapes and images, play through the chords using different groupings and different paths (ascending and descending in half-steps, or playing around the circle of 4ths, for instance), as well as using solid “blocked” versions of the chords and arpeggiated (rolled) versions.

Use a metronome to develop steadiness and evenness and speed.

[By learning and mastering all of the major and minor triads, as well as the basic 7th chords, your piano skills will expand greatly. Chords and scales are the building-blocks of western music. So become familiar with as many chords and scales as you can and your piano-playing abilities, as well as your understanding of the music you are learning, will continually grow. The more chords and scales you have mastered, the more you will feel confident and comfortable at the piano, the more difficult and diverse the music you can handle. Essentially, with more and more chords and scales comes more and more piano mastery. So learn them in all their forms: root position, inversions, arpeggios, patterns, hands-sparately, hands-together. The A piano chords are just one little piece of the huge chords-and-scales picture. You'll want to apply due diligence to them as well as all the other basic chords and scales. If you do, you will be a happier, more confident piano player. Good luck!]

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A-flat Major Triad (an A-flat piano chord)

A-flat Major 7 Chord

A-flat "Dominant" 7 Chord

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