Piano Skills Foundation

The Piano Skills Foundation is a series of video piano lessons. This series of lessons is designed to help you build your piano skills from a beginner level all the way up to advanced levels.  The lessons will help you develop your keyboard awareness, your piano fingering, your technique, your rhythm, your ear, and your overall musical ability.  You will learn these things through practicing tunes, scales and chords, music reading, and learning and memorizing piano pieces.

A gradual progression of learning will take you through 3 beginner levels, 3 intermediate levels, and 3 advanced levels.  Once all 9 levels become available, any piano player of any variety of experience should be able to "plug in" to the appropriate level for their situation.

At this moment (as of September 1, 2016), only Beginner Level 1 and Beginner Level 2 are available. 

Each level consists of 12 Lessons.  In order to work through the lessons you need two things: the videos and the accompanying materials.  You will find links to the videos of the lessons below.  The accompanying materials are in the form of an ebook for each level (12 lessons per ebook).  The links for purchasing these ebooks can also be found below.

The Cost Of Lessons/Support This Website:

The average cost of taking piano lessons with a private teacher around the country (USA) stands at about $60 per hour.  Most teachers offer a 30-minute weekly lesson for a monthly tuition price of $120 (4 lessons).  Thus, tuition for 12 lessons would cost $360.  Though video lessons do not offer the immediate feedback of a personal private teacher, they can still offer the motivated do-it-yourselfer a very effective way to learn and develop piano skills.  Plus, these videos cover as much ground in each lesson as can be covered in private lessons of 45 to 60 minutes.

Your cost to enjoy these video/ebook lessons is a much more affordable (hopefully), yet still helpful for supporting this website:

 $25 per level (12 lessons)

Here is a link to the ebook for Beginner Level 1 (12 Lessons) for $25.

Here is a link to the ebook for Beginner Level 2 (12 Lessons) for $25.

Here is a link to the ebook for Beginner Level 3 (12 Lessons) for $25.

...however, I do not want anyone to not learn to play for lack of money.  So...

If $25 is simply out of your budget...

Choose the rate that fits for you... (still supporting the website).

Beginner Level 1 for $20 

Beginner Level 1 for $15

Beginner Level 1 for $10

Beginner Level 2 for $20

Beginner Level 2 for $15

Beginner Level 2 for $10

Beginner Level 3 for $20

Beginner Level 3 for $15

Beginner Level 3 for $10

(Click here if you need Beginner Level 1 for free.)

(Click here if you need Beginner Level 2 for free.)

(Click here if you need Beginner Level 3 for free.)

Check Out The First 2 Piano Skills Lessons For Free

If you want to "try before you buy", here are the materials for the first 2 lessons:

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

(Combine them with the videos below.)

The Videos For Beginner Level 1:

In the videos, I will simply demonstrate to you how you should work through the materials. Work with patience and enthusiasm, enjoying every step of the practicing process.  If you do, your ability at the piano will gradually grow to higher and higher levels.

Introduction    Lesson 1    Lesson 2    Lesson 3    Lesson 4    Lesson 5    Lesson 6

           Lesson 7    Lesson 8    Lesson 9    Lesson 10    Lesson 11    Lesson 12

The Videos For Beginner Level 2:

Lesson 1    Lesson 2    Lesson 3    Lesson 4    Lesson 5   Lesson 6    

 Lesson 7   Lesson 8    Lesson 9    Lesson 10    Lesson 11    Lesson 12 

Serious about playing the piano?

Read Piano Player... You

A guide to building a solid and complete piano-playing foundation.

-Click here to learn more about this e-book-

Looking for some piano music?

I have found Sheet Music Plus to be a fantastic resource for piano books & other materials.  And they have instant digital downloads for thousands of individual pieces.

Need A Metronome?

Here's the metronome I prefer to use for practicing the piano:

Seiko Sq50-V Quartz Metronome

(Clicking on the picture will take you to the "Musician's Friend" website. A new window will open.)

3 Ways To Support This Website

If you enjoy using true-piano-lessons.com and would like to help support it:

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